About the department

The Department of Design and Theory of Art conducts educational, methodological, research and educational work and provides the implementation and protection of works of art (projects) in the direction of “art” for the training of design specialists. She is one of the greatest not only at the Institute of the Arts, but also at the University. Several important milestones in the formation and development of the department can be identified:
1998 – the first set of students at the art and graphic faculty for training specialists in the specialty “Art” – 0202, 6.020200 – bachelor, 7.020210 – specialist, 8.020210 – master’s degree with the qualification: designer, teacher.
1999 – the Department of Fine and Decorative Arts was reorganized into the Department of Fine Arts and Design, which for ten years was headed by Stanislav Shumega, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Honored Teacher of Ukraine.

2005 year – the division of the Department of Fine Arts and Design took place on two separate: the Department of Design and the Department of Fine Arts.

2009 year – the Department of Design combined with the Department of Theory and History of Art. It was headed by Mikhail Stankevich, Doctor of Art, Professor, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine.

The department of design and the theory of art has the fourth level of accreditation, graduates of the department who have mastered the educational qualification level, can devote themselves to scientific work in research institutions, produce artistic works in design judges, work as teachers in schools, secondary and higher artistic educational institutions.
Since 2005, at the department there is a post-graduate course (full-time and part-time study) for three

specialties: “fine arts”, “arts and crafts”, “theory and history of culture”. In 2014, doctoral studies were opened on the specialty “Theory and History of Culture (Art Studies)”.
The teaching process at the department is provided by 2 professors, 14 candidates of sciences, 12 associate professors, 3 senior lecturers, 3 teachers.

In 2013, the staff of the department began work on collective research with the subsequent issue of the monograph: “Western Ukrainian design: from Art Deco to Deconstructivism” in volume 16 dr.a. from ile In the context of this work, it became necessary to systematize and prepare a bibliographical index of publications by the scientists of the Department of Design and Theory of Art.

Thematically it consists of general theoretical positions and articles devoted to the peculiarities of the design of the environment, small architectural forms, design of clothing and accessories, folk clothes of Hutsulshchyna and Pokuttia. Many publications touch on the issues of history and theory of Ukrainian folk art.